How to replace the toner cartridge correctly?

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How to replace the toner cartridge correctly?

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First of all we have to understand the basics of toner cartridges and the correct way to replace the toner cartridge.

The printer's brother toner cartridge is also called "print box", and its consumption is based on the number of pages - theoretically a new cartridge can print about 3500 pages, as in the actual use in the end how much can print The page depends on the printed content and the concentration used, but fortunately the toner is not as volatile as the ink and cleaning caused by the waste, so it is still very suitable for a large number of printed high-quality documents.

The tn660 toner contains a photosensitive drum and a certain amount of toner. The photosensitive drum is used to receive the laser beam and generate electrons to attract the toner to stick to the surface of the paper. If the toner is printed on the page Light, then we just gently shake the toner cartridge several times to re-distribute the toner can extend the life of the toner cartridge, and if you can not print the word, it may be the toner has been exhausted , Then we need to replace the entire cartridge.

As the laser printer on the quality of paper and toner cartridges are higher, so if you do not meet the requirements of the toner cartridges and printing paper, then not only will affect the print results, serious damage to the printer (chance is not very High), in order to protect the printer, do not use a defective or fake toner cartridges, and in the replacement of the toner cartridge, the toner can not be exposed in the light too long - usually a few minutes limit, Otherwise it will damage the cartridge drum.

The user should not open it, because once the toner is lost, then the storage period of the toner cartridge will be greatly reduced, so you must wait until the use of re-opened and forced to shake up and down before installation Shake to make the toner evenly spread.

In addition, if you add toner only to toner cartridges without toner, the output may be difficult to accept - the drums on the toner cartridge will be subject to print quality due to consumption, wear and other factors Influence, so I suggest you better replace the entire toner cartridge and do not add toner alone.

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