Will invest in the United States unmanned future investment

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Will invest in the United States unmanned future investment

Messagepar Dianjin2017 » Lun 11 Sep 2017 03:41

"Thank you my friend - the world's greatest businessman Gouming". July 27 US President Trump and Foxconn Group President Terry Gou announced that the next four years in the United States Wisconsin invested 10 billion US dollars to build LCD panel (LCD) factory. Trump at the press conference slightly excited about the expression of Terry Gou's thanks. Foxconn finally determined to invest in the United States also caused the market hot, but soon Trump and "heated" topic.

August 2, US President Trump said Foxconn will invest 10 billion US dollars in the United States to build factories, which may just start, Foxconn Group President Gou is considering increasing investment in the United States, the total investment increased to 30 billion US dollars The

Foxconn as the world's largest foundry, affecting multi-supply chain companies. Foxconn's investment in the United States will be the main investment in which areas? Will reduce investment in China? In the United States where the high cost of investment? These have become the market for Foxconn questions.

August 5, Foxconn Group President Gou made a reply to the relevant issues one by one.

Will invest in the United States unmanned

On the afternoon of August 5, Gou met with Michigan State Governor Snyder at Foxconn Shenzhen headquarters, and the two sides talked for nearly two hours. Snake visited the Foxconn area accompanied by Gou. Securities Times · e company reporters after the end of the talks, interviewed Terry Gou.

Terry Gou for the first time on Trump said in the United States will be expanded to $ 30 billion investment statement made a response.

"We can not say yes if we are investing in the US $ 30 billion, but outside of Wisconsin, Foxconn is also engaged in negotiations with other states in the US We are sure to work with Michigan next generation car Technology, such as car networking and unmanned driving. Foxconn's investment in Michigan will soon be the result, as much as the amount can not be announced. 76% of the US car research and development in Michigan, we believe that Michigan is the future of automotive R & D center , We want to bring their unmanned technology over, the Foxconn precision abrasive, automation equipment with the past.
Michigan governor Snyder told Securities Times that Foxconn is very optimistic about the development of manufacturing, science and technology, Michigan advantage is the manufacturing industry, but also the development of high-tech areas, the two sides can cooperate in many areas. Before meeting with Terry Gou, Premier Li Keqiang of the State Council and Ma Xingrui, governor of Guangdong Province, also met Snyder.
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