u almost have to feel a little sorry

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u almost have to feel a little sorry

Messagepar caicai2017 » Jeu 16 Mai 2019 03:53

It was shrewd marketing on Nike’s part to include “4%” in the product name, lest anyone should forget that this shoe promises to improve your performance. And that’s the thing: to wear a pair of Vaporfly 4%s is to tacitly acknowledge your faith in that promise. It is to announce to your fellow runners that not only are you the type of person who spends $250 on running Nike Air Vapormax Damen shoes, Nike Air Force 1 Femme but you do it because you actually believe they will make you faster!
Unsurprisingly, certain elitists of the online running community have voiced their disapproval that less competitive athletes are buying up the 4%, as if the privilege should be reserved for Nike Air Max 97 Donne Olympic Trials qualifiers and semi-pros. Nike Air Max 90 Mujer (In a bizarre analogy, One LetsRun.com message board poster compared hobbyjogging in the shoe to taking a family road trip in a Ferrari.) Personally, if I were a small-town superstar, I’d be rather cautious about espousing any snobbery. Compared to the front end of races like Chicago, all of us are hobbyjoggers at the end of the day, and nothing is more tiresome than an amateur athlete with an inflated sense of self-importance.
To be fair, it’s inevitable that conspicuously expensive—and allegedly performance-enhancing—gear Nike M2k Tekno Dames will invite Nike Air Force 1 Damen scrutiny. You can’t be the guy with the $10,000 bike or customized powder skis and expect that nobody is going to judge you for it. Previously, the world of distance running was largely insulated from this phenomenon, but if we’re entering a new era of legalized Nike Air Max 90 Femme technical doping, maybe that’s about to Adidas ZX 700 Donne change.
But as for this notion that midpackers should save their money, it’s worth making the obvious point that running isn’t a sport where fancy equipment requires a higher degree of proficiency. If the Vaporfly 4%s really do “work,” one could argue that us slow folks “need” the shoe more than the elites. I know I could certainly use the help. Eliud Kipchoge and Mo Farah, meanwhile, are already fast enough.You almost have to feel a little sorry for Hoka One One.
Last Saturday, the company sponsored a simultaneous Adidas ZX 700 Mujer 100K race and 50-mile Nike Air Max 90 Donne Rosa world record attempt to promote its new “Carbon X” running shoe. Things went more or less according to plan, with Hoka-sponsored superstar Jim Walmsley coming through 50 miles in 4:50:08, breaking Bruce Fordyce’s long-standing world mark of 4:50:51. The effort ended up costing Walmsley the win in the 100K, but it didn’t really matter. Hoka had a new world record to help sell its latest innovation and promptly fired off a press release heralding a “historic breakthrough in human performance.”
I have no doubt that I will be able to tell my grandchildren exactly where I was when I opened an email to discover homo sapiens had cracked 4:50:20 over 50 miles. But the news cycle is an insatiable beast. Before the weekend had ended, the Guardian published an article announcing that Eliud Kipchoge would once again Adidas ZX 750 Mujer be trying to break the Adidas NMD Dames two-hour barrier in a special edition marathon staged exclusively for that purpose. With no disrespect to Walmsley, these days nobody can compete with “Boss Man” Kipchoge.
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