Mafia City H5: 7 different ways to increase your training sp

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Mafia City H5: 7 different ways to increase your training sp

Messagepar duduxianzi » Ven 31 Aoû 2018 09:14

This post is going to show you a few ways to increase your training speed in the game which will help you train troops quickly in the game.

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There are 7 different ways to increase your training speed:

1. Investments
In the Crew Capabilities you should invest in Recruitment I, Recruitment II & Recruitment III to increase your training speed. At max level Recruitment I gives you 10% more training speed, Recruitment II gives you 15% more training speed & Recruitment III gives you 20% more training speed.
In the Advance Arms Category you should invest in Proficient Recruiter which gives you another 15% training speed at max level. This Category also has investments for increasing training speed for specific troop types & troop tiers. The investment that increase training speed for T7 or lower troops can give you 80% more training speed at max level. The investments for tier 8 troops give 50% training speed at max level, the ones for T9 troops give you 25% when maxed & you only get 15% more training speed for maxing out the T10 troop training investments. If you’re planning to rush to Mansion 30 then you can ignore the T7 & T8 troop training investments and only focus on T9 & T10 investments once you unlock them as those are the troops that you’ll be susing in the long term.
Apart from the Crew Capabilities and the Advance Arms Category, you can also get a slight increase in training speed from maxing out the investments that improve the attributes of your equipment in the equipment category if you have equipment for increasing training speed.

2. Equipment
Currently the equipment that increase training speed are mainly from the kingpin set.
The Golden Kingpin Assault Rifle gives you 7% more Tier 10 troop training speed. The Golden Kingpin Pistol gives you 15% more tier 9 troop training speed. The Golden Kingpin shirt gives you 47% more training speed for Tier 7 or lower troops. You also get a 25% increase in troop training speed if you have the entire Golden Kingpin Set equipped. If you cannot get gold. You can try getting orange or lower quality equipment which will also help increase your training speed but not as much as gold.
Apart from the Kingpin Set, the Governor’s Knife gives you a 5% increase in tier 10 troop training speed. But if you have the Kingpin Set & are training tier 10 troops you shouldn’t switch to the governor’s knife since you will lose the 25% training speed buff that you get for equipping the entire kingpin set.
For Godfather Equipment, you should get the Level 5 Godfather’s Diary which is the best godfather equipment for training troops.

For Roadsters, I would suggest getting draco for training if you just started playing the game.
It only costs 540 normal points & gives you 4% troop training speed along with 10% more training speed for Tier 7 or lower troops. From Draco you can switch to Sonic followed by Tidal Wave & then Blue Devil once you get enough roadster points. For spenders, you can get Mad Max if you’re training T7 troops or you can directly get the death row which costs slightly more than Mad Max but gives you buffs for T8, T9 & T10 troops. From there you can move on to ‘Queen’ & finally once you have enough points you can get the God Slayer which is the ultimate training roadster. It gives you 17% troop training speed along with 18% troop training speed for tier 9 troops & 12% troop training speed for tier 10 troops.

3. Buildings
To increase your training speed you should focus on building more clubs & upgrading them to the highest level possible. You can build a maximum of 8 clubs & each maxed out club can give you 15% more training speed. So, you can get a total of 120% more training speed form clubs. This is the quickest & the easiest way of increasing your training speed especially when your clubs are low level.

4. Leader Skills (Leader Talents)
You should invest your skill points in Rapid Enrollment 1, 2 & 3 in the support tree to increase your training speed. Every skill point invested in these skills will increase your training seed by 0.5%.

5. VIP Level
You can also increase your training speed by increasing your VIP level. SVIP 5 gives you 10% training speed, SVIP 5 gives you 15% troop training speed, SVIP 8 increases your training speed by 20% and finally you get a 30% increase in training speed at SVIP 10

6. Vigilantes
Ethan increases your shooter training speed by 10% at 1 star. 2 Star Bruce increases your Bulker training speed by 10%. Unlocking Andrew increases your vehicle training speed by 10% and Paul increases Biker training speed by 10%.

7. Mayor & Governor Official Buffs
Finally, you can get more training speed form a few of the Official Buffs of the Mayor & Governor.
You can get 5% more training speed from the Chief Executive & Secretary of Justice Buffs
You can get 10% more training speed from the State Cabinet Buff & 15% training speed from the Secretary of Defense Buff.
So, those are all the ways of increasing your training speed in the game. Hope this post helps you train a lot more troops quickly!

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