How to choose one good printer

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How to choose one good printer

Messagepar adtozhou » Ven 2 Mar 2018 04:27

How to choose one good printer, except for the printer cartridge, there are some other element. It means not only need buy original CF217A, then you will not meet other problems during using.

Anti-static is one of the point. Electrostatics is relatively static charge, is the friction between different objects to produce positive and negative charges carried on the surface of the object. Large-format printer is a sophisticated mechanical equipment and reflect the modern technology of sophisticated electronic products, but also prone to static electricity one of the machines. The generation of static electricity will not only damage the printing quality and the printer, but also affect human health. How is static electricity produced? In the case of large-format printers, the machine has a large contact area with the paper in the middle of the shaft. If a compatible medium is used, its surface does not have a special coating layer of the original medium, and its conductivity is not strong enough to be easily touched and rubbed Electrostatic discharge. To prevent large-format printer static electricity, we must use the original supplies. All original HP media surface, are coated with a special anti-static coating. HP original media have to undergo a rigorous electrostatic test, you can ensure that the device is safe and secure to use. Informal manufacturers of media products, because the surface of the original media does not have a special coating layer, the quality is difficult to be guaranteed, very prone to static electricity when printing.

Pay attention to environmental protection. Attention to the green office today, environmental protection has become a compulsory subject for users. Use filling ink, it is easy to cause pollution to the environment, while the original supplies are not. HP supplies, for example, in the design and production stage, HP ink through the German "Blue Angel" environmental certification. Hewlett-Packard ink is very strict, non-toxic, harmless, no pollution to the environment, Hewlett-Packard supplies used in packaging boxes, promotional materials, manuals, plastic packaging and foam are all biodegradable and renewable materials. The formulation of filling ink is imperfect, the composition of the greater threat to the environment. In the installation and use phase, HP large format printer cartridges are independent, easy to install, after the ink is exhausted, it can be replaced individually, both simple and convenient, and does not pollute the environment. The use of filling ink, ink is easy to spill, causing the floor of the colorful, not only undermines the aesthetic appearance of the work environment, but also in the installation is also very troublesome. During the recycling phase, HP recycle the original cartridges for free and keep the waste cartridges from contaminating the environment. Many filling manufacturers in the recovery of the original empty cartridges, directly filled with poor quality ink, and then used when the original ink sold, to fake, shoddy, deceive consumers, profiteering, which is the largest market environment pollution .
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Re: How to choose one good printer

Messagepar zamak13 » Mer 1 Aoû 2018 13:57

A photo printer will give you great prints (often connecting directly to your camera) in a range of sizes. If you need to do other kinds of printing, a good color-inkjet printer will give you quality prints, though the colors won't be as rich. Figure on spending about $100, while versions at twice that price add CD drives so you can save directly to a disk.

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