Can an iPhone cause headphones to go quiet in one ear?

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Can an iPhone cause headphones to go quiet in one ear?

Messagepar aaronpawlak » Ven 9 Mar 2018 09:23


I have had 5 pairs of headphones since i got my phone (Feb 2016) that have gone quiet in one ear. Not stopped working altogether but gone quiet. It happens after 3-6 weeks of use and one day one ear will drop right down. If I stop using them immediately, sometimes the sound will restore to normal levels. But if I keep using them, eventually it will stay like that, even if using them on another device. Like I say, its happened to all sorts of brands and to about 6 different pairs. Its not the sound levels, ive checked that. It has to be something on the phone.

What im wondering is, could this possibly be some unbuilt wiring or software issue with my phone that is eventually causing my headphones to decrease sound in one ear? Any advice would help as im now scared to use headphones on my phone as after a while they will no doubt just cut out in one ear.

Please help

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