How to Erase Contacts from iPhone 7 Permanently?

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How to Erase Contacts from iPhone 7 Permanently?

Messagepar gmghsjfgf » Sam 11 Mar 2017 05:34

"Hi there. Any one knows how I can remove all the contacts on my iPhone 7? I mean, like totally erase them. Here is the thing: I am giving it to my little sister, so I would like to wipe the iphone 7 clean. But, only my contacts won’t delete. What can I do? "

To Delete contacts on iPhone 7, you can go to General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings. But, this is not safer than just leaving the contacts in your iPhone, because the files can still be restored with software like iOS Data Recovery.

Method to Delete all contacts from iPhone 7:

iOS Data Eraser protects your personal info perfectly. The way it does this is to write random contacts over your files, so that these things could no be found back again.

More steps detail info:

Delete All Contacts from iPhone 7 Plus One Click Permanently

How to Permanent Delete iPhone Data on Mac

How to Delete iPhone Data on Mac Without Restore
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Re: How to Erase Contacts from iPhone 7 Permanently?

Messagepar Ndmu8442 » Lun 13 Mar 2017 09:42

iOS Data Eraser is the all-in-one data wiping software for iPhone iPad and iPod touch, with the helps of this tool, you can one click to optimize your iPhone, clean up all the junks in one click, so as to speed up your iPhone effectively. What's more, the program allows you one click to erase the privated files from your iPhone, and wipe all data without restored. So, you can permanently deleted contacts from iPhone 7/7 Plus by using this tool.
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Re: How to Erase Contacts from iPhone 7 Permanently?

Messagepar yongxin0321 » Mer 15 Mar 2017 06:57

Actually, to be safe, erasing contacts from iPhone 7 permanently is very necessary. Pro iOS data eraser program can help us do that without recovery.In other words, there is no need to worry about personal information leak.
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Re: How to Erase Contacts from iPhone 7 Permanently?

Messagepar elener1 » Ven 24 Mar 2017 18:31

Using iPhone 7 data eraser tool, you can easy to erase contacts from iPhone 7 permanently, see the detail: how to delete contacts on iPhone.
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Re: How to Erase Contacts from iPhone 7 Permanently?

Messagepar stephanictaylor » Mar 27 Juin 2017 06:40

iPhone 7 is one of the current best smartphone from Apple but you may sell it to someone else and you want to delete your contacts from it. No how to do that? Don't worry, as it is important to delete all your data including contacts from iPhone 7 before you sell it or give it. So its better to use some erasing software that can wipe out your contacts from your phone permanently. Go through the below link which will guide you how to delete contacts and other data from iPhone 7 permanently.
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